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What intuition is not

Oct 22, 2018

Not knowing exactly how intuition messages show up makes it very difficult to recognize them. Power comes in knowing what your own intuitive messages feel, sound or look like, for you personally. When you can positively identify how you uniquely receive your intuitive messages, recognizing them becomes consistently easier.

Here are ways intuition does not manifest:

*Real intuition does not use the word “I” in its messages. Your intuition is neutral. Your ego (where the “I” comes from) is 100% not intuitive.

*Real intuition is not overly emotional. Real intuition is calm and relaxed. It will not scream at you. It will not fill you with fear or anger. It comes from a place of love and peaceful understanding.

*Real intuition does not speak the language of your awake mind. Instead, intuition will often use symbols instead of words. For instance, you may see a color in your mind’s eye. Or feel a sensation somewhere in your body. Intuition can speak in words, but it is important to remain open to other subtle nuances.

Here are some ways intuition does show itself:

*Real intuition messages are fleeing and subtle. Their answers come first. Always. Before the ego starts to add in its own two cents worth. Ego is louder than intuition.

*Real intuitive messages are short and to the point. If your responses are long-winded and super descriptive and take a long time to come through, chances are it’s your awake mind overanalyzing things. If your explanations are too long, ask your intuition again and wait for a short, clear message to present itself.

*Real intuitive messages are repetitive. Meaning, if you ask your intuition a question, it will respond with its short, fast, subtle answer. If you miss hearing it, you can ask your question again. You will get the same answer. It will not change unless the circumstances surrounding the question at hand, change first.

Think back to a time when you know you had a strong intuitive message that was bang on correct. How did you recognize it? Take a note of that feeling, and continue to work with it. Ask your intuition questions randomly throughout your day and be receptive to the answers. Pay attention to the sensations you had with intuitive success before, yet remain open to other avenues intuitive messages may flow from. Do not be afraid to ask for clarity or more information. Often, intuition can come to us in small breadcrumbs or puzzle pieces that need to be put together in chunks to form the whole. Ask. Be still. Receive your answer, and do not over think the responses that you receive. If they are unclear or seem illogical, do not discount it. Likely the totality will present itself later, or if you need a more immediate knowing, simply ask again for more clarity and expect that you will receive it. Intuition never turns off. It is always there, always working with us, always ready to shine a guiding light to lead the way. We just have to learn how to work with it through patience and practice.

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