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Intuition Tips and Tricks: Synchronicity

Aug 28, 2018

Did you know that synchronicity appearing in your life is a sign your intuition is tuned in and working?

Experiencing a high occurrence of synchronicity events is something that many strongly intuitive people experience frequently. Could this be you?

Here are some personal examples of synchronicity popping up in my life recently.

*I am seeing the color pink everywhere. Not pale pink. But this hot pink, bright and vibrant. It has been put before me int he most unlikely of places lately. From an email attachment of a flower, to following a video link a friend shares and the gal is dressed guessed pink...this is just a few times its come up. But I have been seeing hot pink everywhere, since this past weekend!

*The number 11 is showing up everywhere for me. On the clock as 11:11 or 1:11, on websites, on licence plates, vehicles, you name it.

*Going grocery shopping, I felt compelled to purchase a flavor of ice cream we do not eat super often. Later that night, when my son got home from working a double shift, he wanted a snack and unwind. He opened up the freezer and stood there for a long moment before exclaiming that he had been craving that particular flavor of ice cream

*A friend texted to tell me that they were ordering Chinese for dinner. We had done the same thing the night before.

How is synchronicity appearing in your life? As you can see from some of the examples above, synchronicity can crop up in a variety of different ways. When things stand out enough to grab attention and command notice, I like to think that is a sign from the universe...a great big neon sign from God that says "THIS WAY! You are on the right path!"

Conversely if you perceive your current synchronistic events as negative or challenging, your intuition may be asking you to turn around, change direction, be alert and pay attention. It also serves as a harbinger. Even if you do not want to see or hear the message, it comes, just the same.

How is synchronicity appearing in your life? If you find you do not have an answer, or have not noticed anything as of late, take the rest of the week to pay close attention to what is happening all around you. Look for patterns and oddities. They are there, even if we are not open to receiving them. All it takes is just a small shift in mindfulness.

I would love to see this magic manifest in your life! Come share your experiences in our Facebook Fractal Awakening group!

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