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Intuition Building Tip

Aug 22, 2018

Intuition building tip: Notecards for Questions

If you have a question plaguing you and you just cannot settle on an answer, try this.
Grab some note cards and on one side, write down a variety of different potential answers or solutions to your question. Three or more answers is best, but you do need at least two. Use as many cards as you need.

Shuffle them and turn them upside down so that you cannot read your answers, and spread them out on a table before you.

Run your hands over the cards one at a time. Pay attention to what you think or feel. Remember that your sensations may be subtle. Slow down, dive inward, pay close attention to all thoughts, emotions and sensations. All of your senses will send you signals.

Rate the cards on a 1-10 or a percentage scale for how good a card makes you feel. No judgement, no overthinking it, assign your percentages or ratings.

The card with the highest number or rating is your answer. Flip the card over, read it. Trust your intuition and apply the solution.

This can even be done for something fun, like choosing a vacation destination with a loved one. Make a game of it. If using this tool for the more challenging questions you have in your life, start small and use it for fun, simple things to start. Then slowly build your way up. Once you learn to trust your intuition, tools like this become easier to trust and implement.

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