Kimberly Rae Hansen



Jun 19, 2018

We have all heard that old saying that practice makes perfect. Some of us even adhere to that thought or belief. But what if I were to tell you that you really do not want anything to be ‘perfect.’ Why? Well first of all, nothing is ever perfect. Perfection is not real, there is no such thing. And once you have reached what you would label as ‘perfect’ where else is there to go? Only backwards, or nowhere. There is no joy in either of those scenarios.
Perfection instead should become a part of the journey, not an end goal destination. We do not practice perfection, we strive for perfection. There is a difference. One is draining and self-depreciating. The other is uplifting and goal oriented and gives us something higher to reach for.

Think of it this way. If you are in a mindset of ‘practicing perfection,’ you are likely riding yourself pretty hard, finding flaw in all that you attempt to do. You likely start, but rarely complete, projects. Or if you do, they end up in the trash or hidden somewhere. All you notice are the flaws. When you can separate yourself from perfection, it becomes more of a game. Letting go and feeling the joy in an endeavor, and giving it our true and very best, should be the ‘perfection’ that we are working towards.
Happiness is the same. It can be an outcome, or end destination. It feels amazing to win an award or recognition for hard work. But those moments are fleeting, and if that is only where our sole focus lies, then we will find that true happiness to be evasive.

Rather, like perfection, happiness is more of a process. Think of moments where you have said to yourself “I would be so much happier if only _______” and you fill in the blank with someone or something that we think will fill our void and make us happy. Maybe we do actually attain that item or person in our lives. Sure, we may find it makes us elated for a while, but then we are always sure to discover that this was not enough. We change. We want more.

If practicing and striving for the joy of happiness ultimately brings dissatisfaction resulting in a constant, chronic chasing of joy, how can we actually achieve a more constant state of happiness on our life’s journey? The secret lies within our intuition!

Learning to rely and listen to your gut instincts, can help to navigate your life into calm waters. You can live a life of confidence and joy. The more you focus on and work with your intuition, the stronger it grows. Give it a try. Work on utilizing your intuition in the following areas and see how your life changes.

--Use intuition as the first step to solving a problem, or making a decision. Start with small, inconsequential things and work your way up to tougher, more challenging issues. For instance, if you are not as used to working with or listening to your intuition, start with questions like “What do I want to eat for dinner?” and work your way up to the bigger ones like “Should I leave my job?” for when you are Intune with and trust your gut. Decisive strength coupled with intuitive knowing brings a sense of calm and confidence.

--Use intuition in your relationships. Listening to your hunches when it comes to finding romance and healing matters of the heart is a biggie. For instance, if you are torn between to potential lovers, instead of jotting down a list of their pros and cons, try listening instead to your intuition. Ask questions such as “Is this person good for my greater good?” Let your heart tell you what you should do vs logistics. If you are already married or involved with a significant other, you can make your relationships stronger by working with your intuition. Asking yourself questions such as “How can I make my partner happy today?” or “What is it that my partner most needs from me in this moment?” and listening to your intuition, can create rewarding, loving relationships. And of course this can be applied to all of our relationships, not just romantic ones. Test it out at work with your boss, your kids, and your friends.

--Use intuition to create. This can be art, writing, music or even cooking, coding, quilting or building – anything where you are bringing something to life with your mind, your hands. Separate the ego from your endeavors and instead, open yourself up to your intuition. The ego will strive towards perfection or find flaws in what you do. If you are uncertain how to move forward in or even begin a project, ask your intuition. Following this unconventional process, even if you are an expert at your chosen art form, can bring surprising results.
Becoming strong in these areas of your life, intuitively, will bring a new depth to your world. Keep it simple. Live inspired. And trust that in everything, the universe, God, the angels – they are all conspiring to support you on this wild ride that we call life. Let go of the past, embrace the now.

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