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Using Crystals For Intuition

Jun 12, 2018

Using crystals can help you learn to work with your intuition, by increasing and deepening your intuitive sensing. When deciding which crystals to work with, choose the ones that you are most attracted to. Do not question or over think it. Do not overanalyze the meaning of the crystal. Simply trust your intuition to guide you towards the crystals that you need most, in that moment.

To get you started, here are some crystals known to help amplify your intuitive prowess.

1. AMETHYST will open and activate your third eye chakra. While meditating, place a piece of amethyst in the center of your forehead, upon your third eye. This will help you become more in tune with your spiritual self, increase your spiritual awareness, and provide a deeper connection to spirit. All of this helps one to recognize intuitive messages. It helps provide clarity.

2. SODALITE also stimulates the third eye, but instead, use it during meditation pointing to the crown of your head. Simply lie down and place the point of the crystal towards your crown. This crystal brings intuitive wisdom and grants a calm certainty to let you know you are on the right path.

3. CHAROLITE raises your vibration, and helps you acclimate to these higher frequencies. It too opens the third eye and crown chakras, and helps you to trust your gut. It will help you to lean on your own understanding, and not be as easily swayed by the opinions of others.

4. LABRADORITE helps you to find your life’s mission or uncover your destiny. It illuminates your intuitive knowing and opens the door to a deeper self-discovery.

5. DUMORTIERITE opens the third eye chakra to enhance mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence. It heightens psychic abilities, intuition, and connects you with your angels and spirit guides. When connected in this way, intuitive messages seem to flow more freely.

One of the best ways to connect to crystals for building intuition is through meditation. Meditating with crystals raises your consciousness and awareness, which in turn deepens your intuition and grants you clearer insight. Intuition flows more freely through a relaxed, calm mind. Meditation brings you gently to this space, so that you may clearly receive your messages. This takes work. Creating a daily meditative practice not only strengthens your natural intuitive abilities, but also has many other health benefits.

Bringing crystals into your meditation sessions is a simple process. Try this one week challenge and see how the use of crystals increases your meditative abilities, and strengthens your intuition.

1. Pick one of crystals from the list above. Or use your intuition to choose your own, if you feel strongly to do so. This will be the crystal you work with for the next 7 days.

2. At the same time every day, hold the crystal in your palm and ask a question regarding something you would like to know more about. It could be as simple as “Should I go out of town this weekend” to something more complex like “Should I make a career change?”

3. Meditate with the crystal. Place it either on the center of your forehead over the third eye, or pointing towards your crown. If you have multiple crystals, you may choose to place them on your other chakra centers as well. Personally, I like to place one on my third eye, one pointing at my crown, and one over my heart chakra.

4. Throughout the day, between meditative sessions, watch for signs that give you an answer to your question. You can help yourself by giving yourself a sign to look for. For example, you could state “If I see an orange butterfly in the next 24 hours, I should make a career change.” Know that this sign can show up in any number of ways. You may see it literally outside in your yard. Or printed on a piece of paper. It may show up in a movie or video. It matters not where or how, only that it does. Conversely then, if you do not see your pre-designated sign in that 24 hour period, your message then would be to stay at your current job.

5. Continue this process for the next week. It helps to journal your process to look for patterns. Growing this habit will help show you the ways that the universe talks to you through your intuition.


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