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Intuition, Energy, and Moods

May 30, 2018

Have you ever walked into a room where people have been arguing just prior? They stop of course before you come in, but you can still feel that something is off in the air. There is a tension, possibly even a sense of fear and unease.

Because we are all energetic beings, we are able to not only feel the energy of those around us, like in the example above, but did you know that you also can affect the energy of others around you as well?
Think about that for a moment. Moods are contagious. The strongest, most dominant energy in the room will be the one that prevails, spreading out and touching others nearby. If you are not open and receptive to sensing and knowing why your mood is suddenly shifting or altering, you too could find your mood matching that of others in the room. This is great if the energy in the room is one of joy, but can be harder to deal with if it is one of frustration or anger, for instance.

So if you notice your energy and mood declining while you are surrounded by others, say at work or a party or even just at home with a grumpy spouse and belligerent children. Know you can change the course!
Love energy trumps all. Pure and simple. The fastest, simplest way to alter your own vibrational energy and that of those around you, is to smile. I do not mean something half-way with no heart in it for but a millisecond. I mean really smile. Draw your lips up to your ears and hold it until your cheeks start to ache. While holding your smile, feel it in your heart, and breathe deeply. Feel your body, your chest, as it opens up and expands. Smiling opens up your heart chakra, filling it with love. If you want to kick it up a notch, say some gratitude’s either aloud or in your mind, and feel the weight of any heavier, negative energy in the room, slide away from you even more. Feel this energy as it pulses and surrounds you in a protective cocoon.

The longer you can stay and hold this state, the better. It is possible to work and maintain even just the smile and slow, deep breaths. There is no real brain activity needed. Just slow down enough to feel the shift it makes inside of you, and project that out to others. If asked what you are so happy about, continue to smile and tell them something to brighten their day. Something honest and heartfelt. Watch and feel the energy around you shift and change and match. Like attracts like. If you are centered and in a great mood, a ripple effect can begin, moving everyone into a happier state of mind, without even realizing it!
Being aware of our moods, and all the tiny shifts and changes we may experience throughout the day is also good for intuitive development. Anything that can bring you closer to knowing yourself, how your body processes emotions, energy, and heightens awareness and notice of your senses, will also draw greater notice and attention to any intuitive messages that come your way.
So pay it forward today. Set off a ripple effect of love. Share those good vibes – just smile!

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