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Intuition vs Ego

May 23, 2018

People often wonder how to tell the difference between messages that come from intuition, from thoughts that are simply driven from the ego. Both have different energy signatures, it just takes some time, patience and practice to differentiate between the two on a regular basis, with consistency.

The ego mind is forced. It is almost like your mind is trying to convince you of the answer. It can be rather aggressive, and will come at you from different angels. As a result, you may feel yourself becoming stressed, experience pain in your temples or a tightness in your belly. You may find yourself becoming anxious and notice your breathing changing, becoming more shallow and rapid. Ego is all about self-preservation that is not necessarily self-serving. If answers to your intuitive questions come in a form that is self-critical rather than helpful, people pleasing rather than loving, worrisome and ruminating rather than calm, steady and sure. These are all signs of the ego bombarding you, talking over your intuitive voice, and faking you out.

When you are in your intuition mind, the energy is completely different. It is relaxed. Steady. Consistent. It too can be strong or loud, but you will feel expanded vs contracted. Intuitive energy is centering, and calming. Even if the answer you are receiving is not one you want to hear, things will still feel certain, steady, consistent, and true. Many feel the expansive sensation of intuitive energy somewhere between their throat, heart or stomach. Compared to the ego, it is light vs heavy. It is uplifting instead of sinking. Instead of talking at you constantly like the ego mind does, the mind of intuition listens and feels before responding. The body opens instead of tenses. Your breathing deepens. Your muscles may even relax.

It takes practice to tune into your intuition and let go of the screaming ego. Left in control too long, the bossy and aggressive ego becomes the voice of truth. Intuition often actually speaks to you before the ego even chimes in. But when the ego is in control, it pushes those intuitive nudges out of the way and steps up, taking control. It then becomes easier and easier to just not hear that quiet, intuitive whisper.

If you find that you are struggling to hear your quiet intuitive voice, there are some things you can do to help tame your ego, and let your intuition be heard.

1. Practice making gut centered decisions. Start small and keep it fun, using things that have no real consequences. For instance, if someone asks you what you want to do this weekend or what you want for dinner, pick what comes up in your mind first without pondering the options. The more you do this, the easier it will be to answer with your gut instinct, which is where the intuition speaks first.

2. You can ask to speak to both your ego and your intuition, giving each a chance to speak. Ask your question, and then say “What does my head think?” and let your ego fill in the blank. Give it full rein to talk and chatter. Switch it up. Now ask “What does my heart think?” and listen for that quick, yet quiet voice whisper to you its answer.

3. Meditate. The more we can learn to quiet our mind, the better we can hear intuition. This can be traditional forms of meditation, yoga, tai-chi, going on a walk, run or hike, or even zoning out listening to music. The key is letting go of thought and experiencing the moment without judgement, just notice. And nothing more.

4. Journaling can also help. Write down a question and wait for the answer to come and just start writing straight out of the gate. Do not stop or slow down to re-read what you write. Just let the pen flow. When finished, then go back and re-read what you wrote. You may be surprised at your responses. Pay attention to how your body feels when you look back over your words. See if you can tell the difference between where your intuition was speaking, and when or if your ego took over at any point in the process. 

These exercises may seem silly at first, especially if you are not used to trusting your intuition. But have patience and give it time. The more you practice listening to the intuitive mind, and trusting it, the less the ego needs to arise as your protector. Learning to trust our intuition is like tapping into a super power. It can really shape and change your life.


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