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The Crown Chakra Center -- Form Intuitive Unity

May 11, 2018

The 7th chakra energy center is the crown chakra. It represents wisdom and is our connection to God, the universe, spirit guides, angels – that which you consider the higher divine. It creates oneness between ourselves, others, the world, and all its creatures. The crown chakra is located at the top of your head and it is believed that life-force energy enters through our crown chakra first before traveling downward through the rest of our chakra centers and throughout our bodies. The crown chakra is connected to the colors violet and white.

To keep the energy flowing unhindered through your crown chakra, practice charity. Be giving with your time; generous with your love. Volunteer at your favorite charity and give back to the world. Feel the connections of love and happiness that form when you work these good deeds. Prayer also opens and activates your crown chakra. This is not limited to prayer to God, but includes conversations with your higher self, your angels, your guides, or even mother earth. There is an energy that creates us, surrounds us and connects us to all things in our reality. Forging and maintaining a bond with this energy strengthens our relationships, enables us to let go of judgement, and see the divine alive and working in all.

A blocked crown chakra results in a disconnect from God, others, and ourselves. We become isolated, lonely, and unable to connect with others. When fully blocked, we are controlled by fear and no longer live our lives in the way we are meant to – from a space of love, gratitude and joy.
Conversely, a fully open crown chakra is a source of great power. Dark thoughts, insecurity and negative energies have zero power over you. Instead, you possess a great knowing. Intuitive messages flow to you regularly, and only strengthen the more you trust. Connecting to the divine in all things leads to a life rich with immense blessings that spills over into a universal love, gratitude and appreciation not only for yourself, but towards others and the world.


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