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The Heart Chakra Center -- Open intuitive, emphatic love

May 4, 2018

The 4th chakra energy center is all about love. Our relationship to love, how we receive and give love, our ability to be love. It is paramount in how we process and express empathy. Its rich emerald green light is located in the center of your chest and extends through you to your back, between your shoulder blades.

Forgiveness, releasing, and letting go are fundamental to possessing a kind and healthy heart chakra center. To keep or stay balanced you need to create a regular ritual for forgiveness where you can release emotions such as anger, guilt, worry and blame on a regular basis. These darker emotions clog the heart chakra, creating a state of hardness and apathy, or weakness and fear. Left unchecked these feelings become disease within our bodies. Pure and simple, it’s toxic.

One of the simplest ways we can achieve a compassionate, unobstructed heart chakra center is by keeping a gratitude journal. While you are enveloped by a deep sense of gratitude it becomes impossible to feel angry, depressed or anxious, simultaneously. Love is all consuming and fills the soul with a light that pushes out all else during those moments where profound gratitude is the focus. Take time every day write about all the good that occurred within the previous 24 hours. Include all the things that made you smile, filled you with joy, or that you would be devastated to live without. Focus on the emotions that bubble up inside. Feel your heart overflow with appreciation, enchantment and bliss. Notice your vibrational energy levels rise in tandem to match.

Take it a step further by coupling a daily gratitude journaling regimen with meditation forgiveness exercises. After writing your gratitude’s while your heart is still full of love, grow quiet and close your eyes. Gently recall anything painful you may have experienced during your day, regardless of how major or minor. See the person or circumstance in need of forgiveness in your mind’s eye. (This can even be yourself. Self-forgiveness is just as important as forgiveness for others, as it becomes far more challenging to love or forgive another if you cannot grant that same gift to yourself first.) Surround this person or occurrence in glowing green light. See yourself giving the gift of empathy, compassion and understanding. Watch as they receive it graciously, before slowly floating upwards like a balloon on the wind, then vanish from sight. Breathe deeply and clear your mind. Only once you feel like things have met a peaceful resolution within your heart should you move on to the next concern. Doing this with regularity lifts the heart and the spirt and eases senses of burden, guilt or anger. If done just before bed, you will most certainly have restful sleep.

A blocked heart chakra creates people pleasing tendencies in order to feel loved, or the opposite, fear of commitment. It reduces the ability to give and receive love or be compassionate – to the point where even witnessing affection between others becomes uncomfortable. This imbalance may also make us grow overly needy and clingy. A blocked heart chakra is a source of distrust and anger in our relationships, as well as holding grudges. When open, the heart chakra gifts us comfortable relationships and a sincere appreciation for all the wonders of life. We experience others just as we are meant to – through the eyes God’s love, by becoming that love ourselves. This is the building block for intuitive empathy. Love opens the door to connectivity and understanding of others, without pity or judgement. Practice opening your heart while speaking with others. Use your intuition to feel what they feel. Use that knowledge to guide the conversation to compassionate places. This builds strong relationships and creates a happiness ripple effect that has the capacity to spread throughout mankind. Love is truly a transforming power-force.

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