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The Sacral Chakra Center -- Embrace Intuitive Creativity

Apr 30, 2018

Today our focus will be on the 2nd chakra, our sacral chakra center. The sacral chakra represents pleasure. Its location lies within and surrounds our reproductive and sexual organs. Its color is a bright, mandarin orange. It governs our relationships, not just to people but also to things that can be abused in excess such as food, drugs, sex, and overspending/shopping.

Some believe that this chakra center is the space where all creativity is born. It comes as no surprise then, that a way to connect to this chakra to keep it cleansed, functional and opening, is to engage in something artistic, musical or creative in nature. Take a class, pull out your paints, don an apron or a tool kit. It does not take much to jump start your creative juices. The trick is just in beginning. Allow yourself to feel joy and pleasure in the process. Feel the orange, healing energy enter your being while you work. Relish in the pleasure that creation brings. Apply this joy into your relationships with people and things to find balance. Spring clean your house, give up things that you no longer have an honest need for. If you have not used or worn an item in over a year, consider donating to someone in need or your favored organization. Clearing out the old paves way for the new, cultivates healthier attachments, and is simply cathartic.

Ways to recognize a sacral chakra blockage could result in experiencing some of the following symptoms:

*repetitive, dysfunctional relationships
*lack of motivation and creativity
*emotional confusion – either over-emotional and ruled by emotions, or feeling numb and out of touch with your feelings
*feeling unloved, unimportant, or unaccepted by others or by society
*addictions – be it to work, relationships, sex, money, drugs, alcohol, etc.
*lack of sexual desire

When the sacral chakra energy center is clear and working optimally, we are comfortable with our sexuality and enjoy intimacy. We freely and truly enjoy our relationships and find them to be whole and satisfying. We have an easy flow to our lives, our mental energy is high and strong and we will feel drawn to creative endeavors. We find our daydreams and fantasies are more positive than negative. Intuition messages come to us more rapidly when we are connected to our own inner great creator. The same inspiration that urges us to create and get lost in the zone is the same one that speaks to us intuitively. We notice the magical. We are more receptive to others. All these things create a smoother intuitive flow that builds off the trust and knowing formulated through the root chakra and adds a joyful swiftness to the equation.

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