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Fractal Awakening: Intuitive Sense of Sight

Apr 5, 2018

Clairvoyance or ‘clear vision’, is having an intuitive sense of sight. This sense is one that is most closely linked or defined as belonging to the psychics we see in movies or on TV. You know the kind who see prophetic images in a dream that lead to solving a crime. However having a strong intuitive vision is not that far off.

Your clairvoyance intuition abilities may be strong if you are an imaginative or daydreamer type of personality. If you are an over-thinker who ruminates over past events, seeing them clearly in your mind’s eye as you rework through your thoughts. If you are a visual learner, chances are your intuition also speaks to you, visually.

Clairvoyant intuitive messages can also come to us while we sleep. This is where I personally experience clairvoyant intuition; in my dreams. I can always tell an intuitive dream from just a regular dream, not just by the way it feels but by the way it looks. Things are brighter, shinier. The colors are more vivid. Everything is sharp and crisp, as it is in the waking world. I like to dream journal when I am presented with information in this way. It helps me to recognize and notice, see and decode it.

During my waking days however, my clairvoyant intuition is not as strong. Even though I fall into the upper category of being a visual learning, creative, daydreaming ruminator, I tend to shut messages that come to me in this form down, when I am awake. I find it unnerving to ‘see’ things in that nature. I prefer to lean on other forms of intuitive senses as my dominant.

However, I do see auras, and I find that beneficial when I need to be energetically aware of a person or place. I do have to work at it to see the auras though, it does not come readily if I reach towards it with intuitive sight. However, doing this can be learned, trained and strengthened. I touch upon how to train your eyes to see auric energy fields in my upcoming Fractal Awakening Oracle Card Deck and Companion Book.

What sort of clairvoyant intuitive messages do YOU receive? Can you view intention in another’s soul by gazing into their eyes? Can you pick up remnants of old energy in historical places or buildings? Ghosts? Angels? Do you tend to have prophetic dreams? Come and share with us your insights (HA! Pun fully intended!) with the Fractal Awakening FaceBook Discussion Group:

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