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Fractal Awakening: Intuitive Sense of Hearing

Apr 3, 2018

Clairaudience is the intuitive ability of clear hearing. People with a strong intuitive sense of hearing are able to hear the voice of Spirit in their mind. It is more than hearing voices in your head. Clairaudience intuition can also show up as other sounds, typically the sounds of items or things that are not logical, because they are not near you. For instance, hearing the sounds of traffic while on a hike in the mountains, or nature sounds while you are in the heart of the city.

Intuitive hearing is a hard one to master or stay on top of. It is challenging to know if it is real or not. The voice of Spirit is more likely to be real if its communication with you is brief and precise, versus a constant dialog that will not cease. You will be able to control or stop the voices, they are not invasive, but rather are kind, compassionate and likely even more rational in thought than your own mind. The voice of Spirit seeks to answer questions you may have or provide feedback on a situation. They do not suggest you cause harm to yourself or others.

What are some ways to tell if intuitive hearing is high on your list of intuitive senses? It has been said if you hear ringing in your ears, sometimes that is angels trying to get your attention. If you notice this, stop and pay close attention to your thoughts, and what’s happening around you. Especially if you notice number patterns at the same time, chances are its divine intervention heading your way!

Have you ever been in a room with someone and were certain they said something to you, but when you ask, they claim they did not speak? Sometimes you will be picking up clairaudient cues from them, or intuitive thoughts surrounding them coming to you from Spirit.
When drifting off to sleep do you sometimes hear noises, whispering, words you cannot quite decipher, possibly the sound of radio music in the distance? If you know that there is no physical known source for the sounds, you know you did not leave a TV on in another room, for instance, then you are likely experiencing intuitive hearing.

Have you ever been with a friend in need and wondered what the right thing to say to them is, only to have the perfect words or phrases come to mind, and when actually voiced, were received as just the thing they needed to hear? Chances are, spirit was whispering in your ear, helping you out.
What are some other ways you may have experienced intuitive hearing? Care to share your thoughts and learn more? Visit the Fractal Awakening Facebook discussion group.


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