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Fractal Awakening: Intuitive Sense of Taste

Mar 30, 2018

Clairgustance means clear tasting, having an intuitive sense of taste. I once knew a gal who claimed to have this super power. She could read a menu at the restaurant, and intuitively know if she would like the taste of it or not. If she truly lingered, she said that she could taste the individual flavors on her tongue. It seemed to work for her, she never ordered anything she did not end up simply loving, she never had to send a dish back for not being cooked the way she wanted. Her dining culinary experiences were always amazing. I think it would be a wonderful diet tool. Want to skip dessert, but enjoy the taste of that pie or cake anyway? Oh heaven!
Those with a strong sense of intuitive taste will have experiences with it outside of dining. A strong memory of the particular taste of a favorite food or drink associated with a loved one may pop up out of seemingly nowhere, to flood your mouth with flavor. If you relate that particular taste with a loved one, they may be trying to reach you, are thinking about you, or in the case of a passed over loved one, are nearby, watching you.

For me, the sense of intuitive taste only seems to be coupled with my intuitive sense of smell. If a scent comes to me strong enough first, and if the intuitive message is not getting through when more immediacy is needed, the scent will will find its way down my throat and I will taste it at the back of my tongue, while the scent itself escalates, simultaneously. If I had not already been paying good attention, I am at that point. My sense of taste is not a primary, but it is a good back up that is guaranteed to make me take pause and full notice, when it does happen.

Now…if only I could hone it to taste all that food I really should not be eating…

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