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Fractal Awakening: Intuitive Senses

Mar 26, 2018

We are all wired to receive intuitive messages. Our intuitive perceptions however, have little to do with intellect, and everything to do with our physical senses. When we become closely in tune to our empathic nature, we can turn a delicate hunch, into a powerful ally. If you listen to your own personal intuitive processes, you can create great change in your life. Everyone processes their intuition messages differently. But they all have one thing in common: our senses.

Intuitive input can come from not just feelings, but also from tastes, smells, sounds, and sights. These sensory cues may be vague or week until you learn how to trust them; to learn how your own body speaks to you, intuitively.
To become more receptive is a journey worth exploring. Great benefits come with a strongly honed intuition. Changes in life become easier to contend with. Problem solving becomes a joy vs a chore. Creative floodgates open. It creates a protective, internal alarm safety system.

In the future  blog posts following this one, we will delve into the different senses, how they show us their intuitive secrets, and work to uncover how you personally process your intuition thorough them. Know that everyone is a little different. Some will feel input through just one sense, others through multiple. There is no right nor wrong, but learning to recognize your own patterns is key.

Until next time, think of how your senses and intuition work together. Chances are, you already have an idea of how these messages tend to come to you. When you listen to your still, small and quiet inner voice, which sense do you tend to rely on? Pay close attention. Journal your thoughts. We will dive in deeper, in the posts that follow. Until then, have a Fractalicious day!

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