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Fractal Awakening: Meditation

Mar 5, 2018

I believe that one of the best benefits of meditation is that it creates a strong sence of connectivity that, comes with regular practice. When you silently sit in this space turning off your mind, disconecting from your body, your physicality and just becoming connected to that small still voice of the Universe, it becomes simpler to notice that are are in fact, not that physical body but instead, pure energy. Not trapped within the body,(though some days it can feel like it!) but energy surrounding, outside of, encompassing everything, including your body. Giving yourself persmission to just sit in silence, letting go of everything, and just feeling your energetic nature is a wonderful perspective to witness and hold. For when we start to realize that we are energy, and not our body, things in our belief system are more open to change. When that energy flow is sensed and actualized, you and know that you are free energy, life itself, becomes freeing. The self notice that comes from regularly practiced meditation spills over into other areas of your life. From that still, quiet space, you can hear your intuitive voice. From that still quiet space, you can feel the love of Spirit. You can sense the feel of all energy, not just your own, around you. A sense of solidarity disolves, and left behind is a sense of community, connectivity, and togetherness. A sense of peace and well being that I can really only attribute to my daily, lunch break meditation sessions. Some like to start their day with meditation, but I like to plant mine in the middle of the afternoon as I transition from my morning to the rest of my working day. I can tend to overthink and have work a holic tendancies. Not always bad things, those traits, but a mid day brain break helps me to keep things in perspective, where I need and wish to be, approaching everything from the space of Spirit, of love, of peace, devoid of fear and negativity.

Some people find that meditation is difficult or believe that they must stop all thought patterns while in that medatative state for it to truly work. This could not be more untrue. Thinking during meditation is not the problem. Getting lost and overthinking, is. Thoughts still cross my mind, especially on days when I have a lot going on in my head. The trick instead is to just let the thoughts come, acknwledge them, and then let them go. I like to try to see them as solid things that float in, and then get blown away by a breeze.

But on days when the clammor inside is more like a huricane than gently flowing tropical beach breezes, I turn to fractals, and use the centers of some of my favorite spirals, as focal points to dive into.

This is something you can do too, using the Fractal Awakening Card deck and Companion Book coming out this year, or until then, any fractal you may have around the house or on the computer that calls to you in a positive nature, makes you feel joy or peace or any uplifting and postitive emoton when you gaze upon it. Soften your focus, let your eye lids droop to half mast, and let your eyes see the image without its sharp edges. Dive in and get lost in the infinite forms. Feel the rise and fall of your breath in your chest as you soak in the sacrad geometric forms. You may notice that you still have a bombardment of thoughts, but if you slow down to notice, you will see that they are more likely words and phrases that you are associating with the fractal image, rather than worries or troubles of your day. The more you practice this, the more that the phenomenon will happen. These words and phrases are from your fractal self, your infitite spirit. Fractals are embedded deep within your DNA, and everyone responds to them differently. Finding go to peices that speak to you, personally, in ways that you find uplifting, can be a wonderful tool for meditating and changing your world. Utelizing this tool, this trick if you will, can help even the most unlikely of meditators, to find their quiet soul center. 

Love, Blessings, and Fractalicious Meditation!!!

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