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Help for Intuitive Empaths

Sep 11, 2018

Do you discount your snap judgments only to find out down the line that you really should have listened? Feeling these strong gut instincts can be really tricky. Especially when others are involved. It is inherent, we often want to be nice, especially in the face of kindness, where there is no reason to dislike, not trust or even fear the other person.

Do others sometimes tell you that you are too sensitive? Not just emotionally but even physically? Such as loud noises bother you, or you can not stand to wear certain fabrics against your skin, or you can not tolerate certain smells?

Do you feel overwhelm more than others? Find yourself easily stressed out or battling bouts of depression? Do you feel uneasy in crowds, either anxious while in them, or drained when you return home from a party or large attendance event vs energized?

All these are signs of being highly intuitive emphatic personality. These personality types tend to take on the weight of the world and feel the discord in others, in the planet, strongly. An emphatic nature is just one of the many ways intuition presents itself. You do not have to be empathic to have a strongly developed intuition.

Do you or a loved one fall into this category? If so, I feel ya. Here is a good read that has some coping skills. There are many different ways to stay grounded and centered as an intuitive empath. I found some of these to be a little unique than most teachings. I really find a lot of benefit myself from #5.

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