Kimberly Rae Hansen


Beat The Negativity Monster

Jul 25, 2018

This is killing me
That just makes me sick
This is so frustrating
This is hard
That’s a problem
This pisses me off
What a dumb ass
I hate (thing, person, situation)
This makes me so (sad, angry, scared…)
How dare they
That annoys me
I can’t
Things just keep getting worse
I am not as good at that as you…

Do any of these phrases sound familiar? Do you find yourself opening your mouth and any of the above negative phrases come spilling out? Does the voice in your head speak this way? Or someone you love talk like this, on a regular basis?

Negativity, judgement and criticism stays alive in our thoughts and words, lodging themselves into our bodies, and our lives. The words and phrases we use most often are an indicator of our current consciousness. It shows us (and others) whether or not we are truly happy, through our inner and outer dialog.

It is easy to feel the victim of your own negativity. Once started, it often loops. Where your attention goes, energy flows. So if you are continually noticing things around you that bring you down, upset your mood, it becomes easier to only notice more of what we label as bad, to follow. Negativity is powerful. Despite the best of intentions, it can take over life and control the way you feel. Even though you may wish to stop it, it may feel like you simply cannot.

To facilitate change takes awareness, commitment, and a desire for change. The ego may step in and try to tell you that it will not work, whisper that happiness is fleeting, and that you are bound to fail, that it takes too much effort, it is far too difficult, and you will ultimately fail. But love always wins. Remember this. It is the highest energy vibration frequency. It works miracles.

The key is daily practice. Work towards mindfulness so that you become aware of your own personal thought patterns. Recognize the triggers that set off your negativity. Once you notice your thoughts derailing and running away with you down a negative path, it is easier to reverse it. This may not come easily at first, but the more you work with it, the better it becomes. Look for what is right in the world. What can love and bless in this moment? What are you grateful for? Instead of using your energy up to think on what is so wrong and horrible in your life, instead, switch your focus on what is good, brings you happiness, and pleasure. This does not mean burying your head in the sand and ignoring any conflict or challenges in your life. But if you can counter the struggles with what you perceive as good, it creates strength to better manage everything that comes your way.

Remember, what you focus on, nurture and nourish will grow. The mind does not know the difference between what is real or unreal. It believes all of your thoughts. If what is running in your head is negative, your brain will believe it. So you might as well turn your thoughts to feelings of empowerment, excitement, kindness and love.

Be gentle with yourself. This is a process. It takes time to change old habits to new ones. But with regular intervention and work, it can be done. It is my wish that you go out into the world sharing the things beloved to you, things you cherish, versus things that annoy, frustrate or anger. May the words on your lips, in your head, and in your heart, be ones of love.

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