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What do you see?

May 21, 2018

Look closely at the fractal image. Study it. What do you see? What kinds of shapes, patterns or designs do you notice? Do you feel or experience any particular emotions or feelings while staring at the image?

Fractals are not just fascinating works of art. They are spiritual, the building block of all matter in the universe, including ourselves! Just look around you. Fractals are everywhere in nature, from the plants in your garden, to the food on your plate, and even within us, as fractals form our DNA helix.

When you study fractal art, you awaken the fractal inside you. Spirit recognizes Spirit. What is seen in the images are what just is, within. In other words, what you see and feel and think of when you view the fractal forms in the above image, is a strong indicator of where you are at in the present moment. This can come in many different forms. Either confirmation for your current state of emotion, or something deeper. For instance if you have been in a rut, working to change it up, but are unsure how, the answer may come while viewing fractals.

Working with fractals a meditative manner will build and strengthen your intuition. The abstract speaks directly to your subconscious, which speaks the language of abstracts. The more you work with attuning your subconscious language with your conscious, awake mind, the stronger and quicker your intuition will flow.

So take some time to study the image above. Write down your first impressions, no editing. Intuition forms associations. So even thinking of a person, place or thing that seems to have nothing to do with the image, could still be correct. Slide your ego gently out of the way, don’t judge, just watch, see, feel and take note of your impressions. You may even ask yourself a question, and see what feelings you get regarding an answer when gazing at the card.

Play around with things, give it a try. Show the image to a friend. Before telling them what you see, ask what they see first. There is a good chance they will see something totally different than you do, or the image may evoke different emotions from them. Both of you however, would be correct. Just as each of your personalities differ, so may your fractal messages.

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