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Third Eye Chakra Center -- Visualize Intuitive Understanding

May 9, 2018

The 6th chakra energy center is located on the forehead right between the eyebrows. It is your third eye, and represents intuition, insight, connectivity, and deep understanding. This unity is not just between ourselves and spirit, but also between one another. It is responsible for visualization, intuition, self-reflection, and sense of purpose in life.

Meditation is a great way to keep your third eye open and clear. This can be traditional meditation, but the key is clearing the mind. Find quiet time to just be rather than do; anything silent and solitary. I prefer walking in nature. Slowing down long enough to see everything with clear, fresh eyes, yet moving rapidly enough to keep my mind clear and centered on my surroundings, grounding myself in the present, rather than focused on runaway thoughts. Instead, I think about the beauty I see around me. I breathe in the scents on the air. I feel the air brush across my cheeks. And I find my mind turns towards gratitude and love that I feel growing in my heart. Afterwards, I feel refreshed and connected to God and life. When I then turn to traditional meditation, my third eye is already awake and watching, ready to process and receive intuitive messages from spirit. Just walking may be enough for some. Others may find the same cathartic, yet unifying connection, through artistic endeavors or gardening. The key is uninterrupted time to halt overthinking and recharge our minds, which is all meditation really is ultimately. And as you can see, we can achieve this state in many different ways. So if you are one of the types that struggle with meditation and find sitting still with the intention to not think only gets you thinking, you may need to do something more active to burn off your excess energy. You will reap the same benefits, and in your most centered moments, may find that traditional meditation begins to work for you. Experiment with it. Do not be afraid to fail. It’s the best way to discover what is going to work optimally, for you personally. Remember we all learn differently. But do take time to work some form of meditation into your life. There is a profound and life changing peace that follows the inner changes that come with a regular meditative practice.

Signs that your third eye chakra center is blocked:

*You feel disconnected with your intuition. Either you do not trust it, or feel you do not have any.
*You have trouble making decisions and sticking firm to them.
*You struggle with finding meaning in life.
*You get frequent headaches, especially tension ones that center on the forehead.
*You experience frequent nightmares.
*You are skeptical of everything.
*You feel unengaged and unexcited about life.
*You have a difficult time seeing the bigger picture in things, and lack clarity.

Left unchecked, a blocked third eye chakra can seriously affect your zest for life, decrease your motivation, and lower the vibration of all your other chakras. Two extremes may occur: Either depression and becoming consumed by all the negativity in life, or feeling disillusioned and lost in fantasies. Learn to let go and rid yourself from as much stress as possible. Meditate in ways that work for you. Find your way back to center.
When the third eye chakra is open and clear, you trust your intuition and act on it with confidence. You are able to view life with positivity. You see the oneness in all things. Synchronistic events will occur with regularity. As your intuition heightens, you will experience growing clarity; not only knowing what you want in your life, but how to obtain it. This takes work. But the effects are worth every effort. This chakra and your crown chakra are the main source of connecting to your intuition. It all starts, here. So keep the chakra open and clear, and watch the magic take over your world. 

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