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The Throat Chakra Center -- Speak and Hear Intuitive Truth

May 7, 2018

The throat chakra is our 5th chakra energy center. It represents communication, especially in conjunction with speaking our truth and speaking from the heart. Its robin egg blue energy is found in the throat, surrounding the hollow at the base and flowing upward into the jaw and ears. It also effects the back of the neck and upper shoulders.
When open and clear, the throat chakra enables you to express yourself to others freely and clearly. You will experience others listening to you and feel as though you are heard and honored for your thoughts. This brings rewards of satisfaction and fulfilment just from knowing that we are understood and accepted for our personal truths. The throat chakra is not just about speaking. It is also about listening, and the healthy balance of open conversation between individuals.

Like our solar plexus chakra, the throat chakra is an emotional center. Think of times you have experienced a ‘lump in your throat’ when you were sad. When we are overly emotional and stressed, our throat chakra closes up, resulting in stiff, tight neck, shoulder and facial muscles; even our tongue! One of the best ways to release this tension throughout the throat chakra region is by paying attention to your tongue. Over the course of the day, be hyper aware of your tongue, especially if you notice your neck and shoulders tensing. Simply move your tongue and relax it. Notice what state it is in before doing so. Was it laying loose and limp near the bottom of your mouth where it should be? Or was it taut and torqued, pressed tightly behind your front teeth? Or maybe it was even curled up touching the roof of your mouth or lodged firmly behind your bottom teeth. Relax your tongue, wiggle it gently back and forth and feel your jaw unhinge and your face muscles slacken. Breathe in the blue light energy of the throat chakra. Feel the healing energy slide from your jaw, down your neck, and cascade through your shoulders, dragging all the strain and stiffness away. Feel your tongue float with gentle ease within your mouth. Breathe, and return to your day. Notice the difference relaxing your tongue makes, especially when practiced on a regular basis. Singing is also another amazing throat chakra cleanser, so when you can, crank your favorite music and belt one out!

While our body lets us know when our throat chakra is blocked through the musical tension mentioned earlier, it also manifests in headaches, hoarseness, TMJ, and sore throat. Emotionally, a blocked throat chakra results in a fear of speaking, an inability to express thoughts clearly or, shyness and social anxiety, stubbornness and even detachment. Or the opposite, talking too much, as well as talking over and interrupting others. If left unchecked, a continually blocked throat chakra can result in inconsistency of speech and actions and becoming domineering, deceptive or manipulative. All this may result in social situations where you find yourself uncomfortable and alone. You may even become distrustful of your own inner voice. Re-opening and cleaning your throat chakra will grant relief of your muscular, throat, and dental and headache pains, as well as make you a more pleasant person to be around.

Intuitively, the throat chakra is the energy center where clairaudience forms. When we easily speak our truths, we also readily hear them. Messages may come to you either through conversations with others or from God, your angels and spirit guides. The trick is just to listen. The throat chakra is related to all sound, not just voices, so be aware and know that your intuitive messages may come to you in more creative and inventive ways. For instance, I know that when I am brainstorming problem solving solutions, when I hear birds chirping or a bell chiming, that I am on the right path. It’s just one way that the universe grabs my attention, but I only really hear these messages clearly, and process them with a solid knowing, if my throat chakra is centered, balanced and clear.

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