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The Root Chakra Center -- Nurture Intuitive Trust

Apr 28, 2018

As we have been learning and discussing, chakras are energy centers located in and around the body. The main seven align with the spine and are rooted to our nervous and neurological systems. Intuitive messages can come to us through our chakras, but we must be willing and able to listen to the quiet whispers, the gentle nudging. Sometimes we are so busy or wrapped up in life, intuitive messages are hard to interpret, let alone here. And then there are the ones we ignore because of doubt, or refuse to face because of fear. Having healthy chakras can assist us in receiving our intuitive messages more strongly and more clearly. They become less of a whisper, and more like a close conversation with a dear and trusted friend. For the next week, we will talk about the seven major chakra energy centers, and how intuitive messages may come to us, through them.
The root chakra is our first chakra energy center. It represents. Well…roots. And grounding. Everything to do with our basic needs. Survival, food, shelter, safety and protection. Its color is a clear, vibrant red, and it is located all through your feet, legs, sit bones, and the lower part of your hips.

To keep this chakra balanced, open and cleansed, it is important that we develop healthy roots, connect to Mother Earth, as well as to one another. Spend time outdoors, preferably barefoot. Does not matter if you choose to walk across soil, grass, sand, ocean water or alongside a river. Just connect your feet to the ground. Focus on the soles of your feet, your steps, your stride. Release any negative energy you may be storing up inside, down and out of the bottoms of your feet as you walk. Feel the energy of the earth beneath you. Feel it lift up and support, hold and carry you. Draw this energy up through your legs and into your hips. If you are unable to get outside to do this with regularity, due to weather or disability, you can also meditate, focusing on bright red light surrounding your legs, feet and hips. Visualize strong roots anchoring you solidly to Mother Earth, holding you safe, and keeping you grounded.

There are ways our body lets us know when our root chakra is unbalanced. If you can become aware of the signs and symptoms, you can take the necessary steps to facilitate change. Some symptoms that your root chakra needs a little extra TLC include: feeling stuck, a lack of focus, restlessness, co-dependency, feelings of abandonment, anxiety and fearfulness. We may become obsessed with money, possessions, our health, become unable to easily allow change or let go.

An open and balanced root chakra lends a sense of ease. There is less worry and fear, and we lose a solid grip on attachments, enabling us to go with the flow and more readily welcome and deal with change. This forms a solid foundation for being able to receive intuitive messages from God, Angels, Spirit Guides, and your highest self. When we feel safe and solid in this world, we have a better sense of trust -- In ourselves, in others, and in the messages we receive from the divine. Keeping this chakra open and centered is a main component of developing intuitive knowing. If your root chakra is closed, you will be frightened of your intuitive nature. You will doubt if the messages are real or in your head. You will feel a separation from God and Spirit that hampers being able to hear or listen to that still, small voice. Utilize the steps above to re-open your root chakra, or you’re your own tried and true methods, to quiet the clamor inside your head, restore peace, and feel safe in the divine energy that surrounds you always. Then listen. And trust in what comes. Find trust in your intuition.

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