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Chakras and Intuition

Apr 17, 2018

In the Facebook Fractal Awakening discussion group, we have begun a nine day intuition-chakra challenge. I thought it may be nice to supplement my thoughts here in the blog, as to how and why chakras and intuition go hand in hand, and how to utilize your chakra energy system as a means of divining intuitive messages from your subconscious. In the discussion group, the challenge utilizes meditation and the Fractal Awakening card deck (sneak peeks of pre published material! The only time I will post book excerpts until after publication, is in that discussion channel, for this challenge.) So if you are interested in supplementing these texts on chakras with an in depth challenge or exercise, then slide on over to the discussion group and check out our learning unit on Intuition and Chakras.

Chakras make up our personal energy system. All living matter is comprised of energy, and we are no exception. This energy system runs up the center of our being, and is tightly bound to our neurological system in our body, and follows along our spine.

We have seven main chakras that run up the length of our body, starting down at our feet with the root chakra and ending at the crown of our head. Energy flows through these chakras, as well as through our bodies, it’s all interconnected. Chakras help to regulate bodily functions, and are a key component in governing our emotions as well. Each chakra vibrates at its own energetic frequency, is related to its own color, and rules over specific functions that help create who you are, an energetic being in a physical body.

Eastern medicine recognizes the energetic body as a place where healing and disease take place. The focus becomes treating the energy imbalances, to deliver healing to the physical body. But did you know that chakras can also play a part in how we receive intuitive messages from our subconscious or the universe?

Intuitive messages are part of your subconscious, which has close ties to your energy center and chakras. Your conscious or awake mind, is tied in with your physical body, your thoughts, and your ego. Daily, we are bombarded by intuitive messages from our subconscious. Often times they are subtle, or hard to understand or notice, especially if we are distracted and preoccupied with the day to day copings of life. Paying close attention to our chakra centers, and learning how they feel to us, how they take up residence in our bodies, can act as an alert system to let us know when we need to sit up and take notice; to slow down, stop and listen to our intuition.

Just how the physical body can become ill, and feel off, so can our energetic body as well. When our chakras are clear, open and functioning optimally, we will feel full of vitality, good health and emotional well-being. We will vibrate at a higher frequency, and will radiate a sense of calm and well-being, peace, joy and harmony, to others.

When we take the time to study and notice how the different centers feel in our body when they are open, we will also become aware of subtleties that show when they are off or closed. The body is excellent in telling you when your chakras are off, you just have to pay attention to the signs. They will show up in your body, physically. One of the simplest way to tell if any chakras are closed is simply to ask yourself how you feel. Then close your eyes and become aware of your body. Are you tired? Do you have a headache? A sore throat? Are you depressed? Feel scattered and unable to focus, maybe not really present in your body? All of these are possible indications of closed chakras.

Closed or open, we still receive intuitive messages through our chakra centers. Think of driving in a blizzard with an icy windshield. You may be able to make out the red tail lights of the car in front of you enough to keep on the road, but you may be unable to make out clear shapes of anything else. If you take the time to pull over and scrape the ice away, your field of vision increases tremendously, and you can make sound decisions on how to maneuver your vehicle safely down the street vs blindly trusting the car in front of you. This is the same with our chakras. If they are open and clear, we have a means of concise communication with spirit. Otherwise, the signals we receive could be diminished, muddled, and harder for us to trust or believe in solidly enough to follow. This can lead to missed opportunities, feelings of unease and a lack of purpose or drive, and sometimes even place our personal safety in danger.

Awareness is the first step in keeping your chakras clean, clear, and open. Just recognizing you have an energy center, and knowing you can take small, simple steps to maintain them, shifts your perception. Where your attention goes, your energy flows. So focus and think about your chakras more often!

There are many different ways to bring balance, restore and cleanse your chakras. For positive energy to flow, negativity or blockages must be removed. Here are some methods to do so. Feel free to explore or experiment, find the top one or two that work best for you. Or go explore online for more options, or create your own

*Guided or self-visualizing chakra meditation
*Reiki healing energy work
*Conscious Breathing
*Acupuncture and Acupressure
*Tai Chi

In upcoming posts we will go over the individual chakras in more depth, and discuss how intuitive messages move through the different centers, how these messages present themselves, how they manifest in our lives. But first, you gotta go get those chakras cleaned up! See you next time, or catch you in the Facebook discussion group.

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