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Fractal Awakening: Intuitive Sense of Feeling

Apr 10, 2018

Clairsentience means clear feeling. Claircognizance means clear knowing. I am going to group the two of these together in today’s post to wrap up our discussion on intuition and the senses.

Clairsentience is akin empathy, and consists of feeling another person’s emotions or even physical pain. This is actually the most common form of intuition developed within us. It ties into our ancient primal fight or flight system and many times feels very similar, as clairsentience intuition flows to us through positive or negative emotional feelings.

We may receive such clairsentience messages upon meeting someone, experiencing an instant love or dislike with nothing to base it upon but a hunch or feeling labeled as a “gut instinct”. It’s the cause of getting the shivers or feeling a chill in the air out of the blue for no real reason. Go a level deeper, and if we are sensitive enough, we find we may be influenced by the emotions of those around us. If you find yourself taking on the feelings and emotions of a friend, loved one, coworker or feeling overwhelmed by the energy of a large crowd, this is coming to you through your clairsentience intuition. If you have ever been called overly sensitive or thin skinned, it may not be you but rather a highly developed clairsentience intuition. The more you become aware of these occurrences and how these intuition feelings resonate within your body, the better you can differentiate between what you are sensing within yourself, and what feelings or sensations are actually radiating off of others. Then it becomes choice as to whether you claim it as your own or not. People strong in clairsentience are often drawn to care-giving or healing professions.

Claircognizance is closely tied to premonitions. While clairsentience is feeling and emotionally based, claircogniznce is a deep knowing, that either comes from a spiritual calm at our core, or visions will pop into our minds out of nowhere, or through vivid dreams. Both forms tend to be a bit rare in people simply because development of claircognizance relies on a heavy dose of faith to trust that the messages you are receiving are truth, with a strong sense of clarity or surety. How we see psychics portrayed on television or the movies, is based upon the claircognizence intuitive sense. Doctors, salesmen, business, spiritual and religious leaders often have a strong claircognizant intuition sense.

For me, my claircognizance is tied into my clairsentience intuition. Clairsentience is my strongest intuitive force. When I feel overwhelmed by the emotions I am feeling through messages I receive, I will pray and ask for a claircognizant confirmation on how to handle or deal with a situation, project, person, etc. I will just know if I am on the right path, or the right course of action to take, or know the right words to say, in that moment. This does not come to me naturally, however. I always have to ask first. I am fascinated by those souls strong enough to hold claircognizance as a primary intuitive sense. Maybe because mine is more underdeveloped, or must rely on another for strength and functionality…but there is something to be said to have such strong confidence that comes with a solid, intuitive knowing. In some ways, I think that claircognizence can calm some of the emotional overwhelm that comes with feeling too much. This is something that I personally want to work on more, to see if I can develop a stronger knowing intuition, utilizing the Fractal Awakening cards as a primary tool. In posts to come, I will be sharing an intuition and chakra clearing challenge, which we can all work on and try, together. This will grant you a sneak peek at the card deck, too. So even if chakra cleansing is not something you need or resonate with, seeing one way how the cards work to bring intuition and body awareness together, certainly could.
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