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Fractal Awakening: Intuitive Sense of Smell

Mar 28, 2018

In the last post, we talked about how the senses are our main starting point for discerning intuitive messages. Today we will delve into one of our intuitive senses that more easily goes unnoticed, or even written off entirely: Olfactory, or sense of smell.

When your intuition is working strongly through this sense, you may find you experience a heightened sense of smell. Scents already around you may grow stronger, or come in an unexpected whiff. For instance, you may be in a room with another and are aware of their strong perfume, or cologne. Yet when you start to speak to them, out of nowhere, another scent bombards your nostrils. Maybe a scent of rot, if they are lying. Or a scent of flowers, grass, and food; maybe even something more chemical that you cannot quite place the components creating it. You may also find yourself later making comments such as “I smelled it coming a mile away” or regarding a project or endeavor you may find yourself saying “This stinks” or you may find yourself speaking of “Sniffing out” a situation.

Intuitive odor cues can be more difficult to discern than others. Despite their strength or intensity, intuitive scent cues are often brief or fleeting, and as such we may not consciously register them as something we need to be paying attention to. However, humans communicate through scent more than we realize. Our bodies give off pheromones. They sweat. They change temperature in minute degrees depending on our thoughts and emotions. And as such, send out little cues as to what our true intentions are, that can be picked up by others. We may not realize that the intuitive hunch or bad feeling we are getting is actually stemming from our nose, but it plays a part in the process, just the same.

For me, smell has always played a strong part in my life. I have always had a strong, overly sensitive, sense of smell. This has not always been a blessing, as some smells give me headaches, or set me off sneezing excessively, or diminish my ability to concentrate solidly. Some even upset my stomach. So for me, I have always noticed scents in any normal day to day experience. I only started connecting a sense of smell with intuition, after both my paternal and maternal grandmothers passed away, when I was in my twenties.

Both grandmothers had a specific smell. Grandma smelled of roses and menthol rub she used for her arthritis, while Granny was a whiff of lilac beneath her favorite perfume. After they passed away, I began scenting their own specific odors around me. Strongly. Although my notice of the smell is sometimes brief and fleeting, it is intense and will always pull me out of my reverie to take notice, regardless of where I am or what I am doing.

Just as angels and the universe work tirelessly to catch our attention, so do our passed over loved ones. When I catch their scent on the air, I like to pause and say hello and welcome their memory. It grants me peace and love. And sometimes along with it, I will feel an urge to go do something different than what I am in that moment. They have led me to misplaced or long lost items in my house, simply because I followed the idea that I needed to go pull out a winter coat from the back of the closet in the summertime; finding something that I needed at that moment, in the pocket.

Experiencing this has led me to take notice of other smells, at other times, completely unrelated to my relatives. I have come to find that just before my stronger physical senses kick in during an intuitive moment, I will notice scents. Either that which is around me grows more intense, or I am introduced to a smell that logically would not be near me otherwise. The following of other intuitive markers flooding in directly after are powerful enough to pull away my olfactory notice. But I find if I deliberately shift focus back and scent the air while everything else inside me is also firing, there is often still something there. For me it’s been subdued, but it has not subsided. I find it all rather fascinating, and am working on continually honing each of my intuitive senses, to continue to grow and change.

I would imagine that there are many other ways the sense of smell can work intuitively for others. Have you had a particular experience where your sense of smell triggered your intuition? We would love it if you shared your insights! Come join the discussion of all things intuition and positive spiritual growth with the Fractal Awakening discussion group on FaceBook at:

We look forward to hearing from you, see you there!

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