Kimberly Rae Hansen


Fractal Spiruality

Mar 2, 2018

The universe is fractalic, or rather another way of saying it is limitless and infinite in nature. Everything in the Universe is created of energy. That energy is understood best, studied scientifcally, through mathematics. I am not math minded, but love numbers and patterns, am fascninated by fractals, and feel the power of their energy deep within my being, just as much as I feel that same God energy surrounding me when I sit by the Ocean, fish at a lake, dip my fingers into a running stream, or sit under a canopy of trees in the forest, listening to the wind rustling the leaves above me. The beauty of fractals grab me. But their patterns sing to me, speak to my soul, pull me in and drag me under. To explore their essence is something I think I will never tire of. To me, it is magic. And the best part is sharing it with others, watching that fractal energy resonate and resound within the core of another. That connecting, that makes our adventures in this life, so memorable and rich.

Fracals contain iterations repeated through many scales or orders of magnitude and layers. From the infinite whole, finite dimensional parameters form, creating the world as we know it. Seemingly infinite, yet not. Full of duality, yet singular in true nature, ruled by the illusions of time, space, and matter. We come to this space to learn and grow, often forgetting that we actually originate from a different space entirely, one of fractal infinity. It is our perceptions of reality instead, that are limited. Our physical world exists as an iteration, or fractal! Our world is but a small part of a whole we really have yet to see with our physical eyes and senses. Fractals grant us snapshots of a peek behind the curtain. A chance to experience the limitless. Reminders that it is there, surrounding us, and we can do or be anything. We are timless. We are eternal. We are one. 

Embrace your fractalic nature! Not just through immersion in fractal art. Fractals are everywhere, all around you, begging for notice! From the delicate veins in ferns, to the jagged peaks of moutnain ranges cutting across the plains, to the food on your plate! All the world’s a fractal. 

*Fractal image: "Stardust" by Kimberly Rae Hansen ~ Fractalicious Digital Artistry



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