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How to develop your intuition -- Book Teaser

Feb 27, 2018

COMING SOON! my latest project -- a new oracle card deck, Fractal Awakening! This special and unique deck came to me, as most of my creative endeavors and projects do, as a calling from spirit that won’t let me go until I explore or work with it. I found myself dreaming of a project that combined all of my loves. My gift and love of words, my quirky, sacred geometry fractal art, all things spiritual, magical and mystical, coupled with a desire to heal, help, or uplift others.

 My original plan was to create a traditional tarot deck. But as I began, it became clear that this project needed to develop beyond the traditional, structured scope of tarot, and work within the looser flow granted by an oracle deck. However, I wanted to bring something to the table that went far beyond just another divination tool, or form of future telling mysticism. I honestly wanted to create something to help others in a personal growth area that I think is pivotal in creating our happiness, as well as provide a survival blueprint to this crazy ride we call life, yet is hard to quantify, define, work with or understand: Intuition.

Intuition is defined as a direct perception of truth or fact, independent of any reasoning process or immediate apprehension; a keen and quick insight. But ask others what they think it means for them personally, and you may get varied answers. For instance, some may call it ‘gut instinct’ or simply ‘knowing’.  Additionally, intuition comes to us in different ways, through different senses. It is something more intangible, than tangible, so sometimes hard to grasp or work with. But I know that for me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that having a strong, reliable, dependable intuition can make all the difference in the quality of one’s life. And so this deck was born, as a tool to do just that -- help to build, or strengthen, ones intuition through a means that will allow this deck to become deeply personal, to each and every user -- through the use of sacred, spiritual, fractal art.

What is fractal art? The answer is a book all unto itself, but in a nutshell, fractals are based upon mathematics. Algebraic formulas that create geometric forms that repeat, infinitely, beyond the scope of one’s vision. They are found everywhere in nature, such as seashells, snowflakes, lightning, ferns, peacocks, and broccoli, just to name a few. They are even found inside of us; in the helix swirl that makes up our DNA. For this reason, fractals connect to us, and speak to our core. We recognize the divine life force within fractals, for they live, inside of us. Every card in this deck is created with fractal art. Including the backs, which utilize the Mandelbrot shape, which is considered the “thumbprint of God” and the starting building block, from which fractals are formed.

One of my most favorite things about fractal art, is that everyone sees something different within them. I could sit and talk for hours about the hidden shapes that show themselves to one person, but remain hidden for another. How different images provoke completely different, sometimes precise opposite, feelings and emotions among viewers. Everyone has their own unique perception or experience. When viewing fractal art, we see, just what we are supposed to, in that moment. I liken it to a glimpse into your deepest inner psyche, as your own personal fractal patterns within you, rise to the surface to connect to other fractal images, in special ways. What you see within your favorite fractal art image today, may be different from what you see tomorrow. As you change, so does your vision of your world, and thus your fractal messages.

From a relaxed, meditative state, you can gaze upon the images on the cards within your Fractal Awakening deck, and receive direct feedback, from God, spirit, the Universe, your higher self, angels or guides. Use your intuition to tell you what the cards mean, to you. Trust your intuition, and know that there are no right or wrong answers. You may discover meanings that are something completely different than what you see written up for the card in the companion book. This is because I created the deck in the precise way it is intended to be used, by you! I meditated, opened my mind, connected to God, and let the images speak to me. I jotted down all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that bubbled up. I studied it for hidden forms, and wrote down what I saw. I listened for any words or phrases or even numbers that came to me. And I recorded it all. The end result? A deck that is uniquely mine, molded to me. When I do readings with it, I find my answers come lightning fast, with these cards. I know what each one means, to me personally. It is my intent then, that eventually you discard this companion book when you work with the deck. As you learn and become familiar with the cards and incorporate them into your world, to match your specific energy patterns, you will need my words and write ups less and less, until you can stand fully in your own intuitive strength. The companion book is merely a guideline or example of how you could approach each card, yourself.  It is highly recommended then that you write down your impressions. Either in the “notes” section within the companion book at the end of each card write up, or in your own journal.

Additionally, each card is infused with reiki energy. I felt it was important for me to share the light and healing love that is reiki, with everyone who comes in contact with this deck, granting a way and mean to provide calm, peace, and strength, just by holding the cards between your palms. Just an extra little gift, from my heart, to yours.

Know that while this deck is meant to be used primarily as an intuition building tool, it is still a working deck. Located in the back of the book are a list of reiki infused, deck specific spreads that you can try, or feel free to use it with your favorite, tried, tested and true to you spreads. Because of the abstract nature of the artwork, in traditional card reading, this deck would be best suited for advanced workers of oracle decks. For intuition building purposes however, it’s great for both novice and experts, alike.

And finally, here are some ways to use your Fractal Awakening oracle cards:

*At the start of your morning

*To set intentions for your week, placed around the house as a visual reminder

*As creative writing, journaling and artistic prompts

*For help in answering questions that you are mulling over.

*To open your third eye, connect to your higher self (or that which you call God. I use various forms throughout the book, remaining fluid and open, to multiple forms of terminology as so to appeal to a wider range audience without offence.)

*To provide a focal point for meditation. The infinite fractals offer a great space for opening and clearing the mind

*Before bedtime to close the day or to set intentions into nighttime dreams, lucid, astral, or otherwise

*and of course to learn to trust your own intuition; to build a solid foundation, to strengthen that which you already have, to hone its edges should it grow soft.


The book is currently in the hands of my Beta Readers, and first of April, it finds it’s way to the hands of my editor. When it finds a publishing home, I will be shouting it from the rooftops, and sharing links for where to purchase it. Also, there will be a line of journals with covers that match the art forms used on every card in the deck! So you can choose your favorite writing companion to jot down the soul work, that goes with this amazing intuition building tool! More to come, stay tuned!

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