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This is Fractalicious® Digital Artistry!

Feb 26, 2018

Welcome to my blog! My name is Kimberly Rae Hansen, the owner of the licenced trademark brand, Fractalicious®, professional digital fractal artist and author. I am also a wife, mother of one (well three if you count the two dogs!) a spinal cord injury survivor, reikii master, empath, and life-long student of all things spiritual and mystical. As you can see, I wear many different hats, and I love exploring each facet of those parts of my life, and sharing that passion with others who share these similar interests. 


This is a creative space for creative minds. Fractals, Art, Writing, Spirituality, Art Licensing, and the Artist Life. All things I hope to discuss, share, impart and engage in, with you. I do love all things abstract and metaphysical; all things just a bit unique, different or unusual. Such beauty and magic is found in those spaces. So come with me, if you will. Grab my hand, and jump. Follow me, down the rabbit hole! 


*video link below is of a deep zoom into the center of a Mandalbrot, the starting place for all things fractal. That zoom could go on eternally. Such is the spirtual and fascinating nature of fractals! Hope you enjoy!*

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