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Fractal Awakening Proposed Cover Reveal

Nov 8, 2018

Every day we are one step closer to publication! Here is the proposed art for the book cover design. Can not say for sure, but I think this will stick and be the final design we go with. I rather like it. What do you think? Want to keep up on release dates and all things Fractal Awakening? Visit our website: 

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What intuition is not

Oct 22, 2018

Not knowing exactly how intuition messages show up makes it very difficult to recognize them. Power comes in knowing what your own intuitive messages feel, sound or look like, for you personally. When you can positively identify how you uniquely receive your intuitive messages, recognizing them becomes consistently easier.

Here are...

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Help for Intuitive Empaths

Sep 11, 2018

Do you discount your snap judgments only to find out down the line that you really should have listened? Feeling these strong gut instincts can be really tricky. Especially when others are involved. It is inherent, we often want to be nice, especially in the face of kindness, where there is no reason to dislike, not trust or even fear the other...

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Intuition tips and tricks: Psychic Phenomenon

Sep 4, 2018

Did you know that highly intuitive people experience what others would label as a psychic experience?

For instance...has the phone ever rung and you knew who it was on the other end before picking up?

Do you have conversations with friends or loved ones and say the exact same thing at the exact same time, with regularity?


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Intuition Tips and Tricks: Synchronicity

Aug 28, 2018

Did you know that synchronicity appearing in your life is a sign your intuition is tuned in and working?

Experiencing a high occurrence of synchronicity events is something that many strongly intuitive people experience frequently. Could this be you?

Here are some personal examples of synchronicity popping up in my life...

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Intuition Building Tip

Aug 22, 2018

Intuition building tip: Notecards for Questions

If you have a question plaguing you and you just cannot settle on an answer, try this.
Grab some note cards and on one side, write down a variety of different potential answers or solutions to your question. Three or more answers is best, but you do need at least two. Use as many cards...

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Beat The Negativity Monster

Jul 25, 2018

This is killing me
That just makes me sick
This is so frustrating
This is hard
That’s a problem
This pisses me off
What a dumb ass
I hate (thing, person, situation)
This makes me so (sad, angry, scared…)
How dare they
That annoys me
I can’t
Things just keep getting...

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Intuition and Your Energy Vibrations

Jul 3, 2018

We are all energetic beings. We vibrate at the frequency of our thoughts and emotions. When we are in a state of fear or anxiety, we vibrate at a frequency that is lower than that of love, peace, and joy. While experiencing the lower energy vibrations of those more negative emotions, we may feel heavy, burdened, overwhelmed, and be bombarded...

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Jun 19, 2018

We have all heard that old saying that practice makes perfect. Some of us even adhere to that thought or belief. But what if I were to tell you that you really do not want anything to be ‘perfect.’ Why? Well first of all, nothing is ever perfect. Perfection is not real, there is no such thing. And once you have reached what you would...

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Using Crystals For Intuition

Jun 12, 2018

Using crystals can help you learn to work with your intuition, by increasing and deepening your intuitive sensing. When deciding which crystals to work with, choose the ones that you are most attracted to. Do not question or over think it. Do not overanalyze the meaning of the crystal. Simply trust your intuition to guide you towards the...

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Intuition, Energy, and Moods

May 30, 2018

Have you ever walked into a room where people have been arguing just prior? They stop of course before you come in, but you can still feel that something is off in the air. There is a tension, possibly even a sense of fear and unease.

Because we are all energetic beings, we are able to not only feel the energy of those around us,...

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Intuition vs Ego

May 23, 2018

People often wonder how to tell the difference between messages that come from intuition, from thoughts that are simply driven from the ego. Both have different energy signatures, it just takes some time, patience and practice to differentiate between the two on a regular basis, with consistency.

The ego mind is forced. It is...

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What do you see?

May 21, 2018

Look closely at the fractal image. Study it. What do you see? What kinds of shapes, patterns or designs do you notice? Do you feel or experience any particular emotions or feelings while staring at the image?

Fractals are not just fascinating works of art. They are spiritual, the building block of all matter in the universe,...

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Intuition Development Exercises: Learning To Trust

May 14, 2018

One of the biggest struggles people face while developing their intuition is trust. It is difficult to discern intuitive messages from thoughts, because they both get processed in your mind. The question then becomes: “What is intuition, and what is imagination?”

The only way we can know if our intuitive messages are...

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The Crown Chakra Center -- Form Intuitive Unity

May 11, 2018

The 7th chakra energy center is the crown chakra. It represents wisdom and is our connection to God, the universe, spirit guides, angels – that which you consider the higher divine. It creates oneness between ourselves, others, the world, and all its creatures. The crown chakra is located at the top of your head and it is believed that...

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Third Eye Chakra Center -- Visualize Intuitive Understanding

May 9, 2018

The 6th chakra energy center is located on the forehead right between the eyebrows. It is your third eye, and represents intuition, insight, connectivity, and deep understanding. This unity is not just between ourselves and spirit, but also between one another. It is responsible for visualization, intuition, self-reflection, and sense of purpose...

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The Throat Chakra Center -- Speak and Hear Intuitive Truth

May 7, 2018

The throat chakra is our 5th chakra energy center. It represents communication, especially in conjunction with speaking our truth and speaking from the heart. Its robin egg blue energy is found in the throat, surrounding the hollow at the base and flowing upward into the jaw and ears. It also effects the back of the neck and upper shoulders.

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The Heart Chakra Center -- Open intuitive, emphatic love

May 4, 2018

The 4th chakra energy center is all about love. Our relationship to love, how we receive and give love, our ability to be love. It is paramount in how we process and express empathy. Its rich emerald green light is located in the center of your chest and extends through you to your back, between your shoulder blades.


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The Solar Plexus Chakra Center -- Develop Intuitive Strength

May 2, 2018

Our 3rd energy center, the solar plexus chakra, represents personal power. It is where we cultivate healthy boundaries and self-worth. It ties in strongly to the ego and colors the way we see ourselves in relationship to the rest of the world, and how we relate to others and society in general. It governs self-control and assertion. It is...

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The Sacral Chakra Center -- Embrace Intuitive Creativity

Apr 30, 2018

Today our focus will be on the 2nd chakra, our sacral chakra center. The sacral chakra represents pleasure. Its location lies within and surrounds our reproductive and sexual organs. Its color is a bright, mandarin orange. It governs our relationships, not just to people but also to things that can be abused in excess such as food, drugs, sex,...

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The Root Chakra Center -- Nurture Intuitive Trust

Apr 28, 2018

As we have been learning and discussing, chakras are energy centers located in and around the body. The main seven align with the spine and are rooted to our nervous and neurological systems. Intuitive messages can come to us through our chakras, but we must be willing and able to listen to the quiet whispers, the gentle nudging. Sometimes we...

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Chakras and Intuition

Apr 17, 2018

In the Facebook Fractal Awakening discussion group, we have begun a nine day intuition-chakra challenge. I thought it may be nice to supplement my thoughts here in the blog, as to how and why chakras and intuition go hand in hand, and how to utilize your chakra energy system as a means of divining intuitive messages from your subconscious. In...

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What it means to be self-aware

Apr 13, 2018

I saw this neat meme about the symptoms of a spiritual awakening. I copied it into the attached photo image, but it may be hard to read. I will also type it here:


1. An increased tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen
2. Frequent attacks of smiling

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Fractal Awakening: Intuitive Sense of Feeling

Apr 10, 2018

Clairsentience means clear feeling. Claircognizance means clear knowing. I am going to group the two of these together in today’s post to wrap up our discussion on intuition and the senses.

Clairsentience is akin empathy, and consists of feeling another person’s emotions or even physical pain. This is actually the most common...

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Fractal Awakening: Intuitive Sense of Sight

Apr 5, 2018

Clairvoyance or ‘clear vision’, is having an intuitive sense of sight. This sense is one that is most closely linked or defined as belonging to the psychics we see in movies or on TV. You know the kind who see prophetic images in a dream that lead to solving a crime. However having a strong intuitive vision is not that far off.


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Fractal Awakening: Intuitive Sense of Hearing

Apr 3, 2018

Clairaudience is the intuitive ability of clear hearing. People with a strong intuitive sense of hearing are able to hear the voice of Spirit in their mind. It is more than hearing voices in your head. Clairaudience intuition can also show up as other sounds, typically the sounds of items or things that are not logical, because they are not near...

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Fractal Awakening: Intuitive Sense of Taste

Mar 30, 2018

Clairgustance means clear tasting, having an intuitive sense of taste. I once knew a gal who claimed to have this super power. She could read a menu at the restaurant, and intuitively know if she would like the taste of it or not. If she truly lingered, she said that she could taste the individual flavors on her tongue. It seemed to work for...

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Fractal Awakening: Intuitive Sense of Smell

Mar 28, 2018

In the last post, we talked about how the senses are our main starting point for discerning intuitive messages. Today we will delve into one of our intuitive senses that more easily goes unnoticed, or even written off entirely: Olfactory, or sense of smell.

When your intuition is working strongly through this sense, you may find...

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Fractal Awakening: Intuitive Senses

Mar 26, 2018

We are all wired to receive intuitive messages. Our intuitive perceptions however, have little to do with intellect, and everything to do with our physical senses. When we become closely in tune to our empathic nature, we can turn a delicate hunch, into a powerful ally. If you listen to your own personal intuitive processes, you can create great...

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Fractal Awakening: Intuition Building Tool

Mar 13, 2018

I love Albert Einstein. He was just as much about science as he was about metaphysical things, such as intuition. One of my favorite quotes of his says:

"I believe in intuitions and inspirations...I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am"

--Albert Einstein 


What is intuition?  A...

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Fractal Awakening: Afraid of Empathy?

Mar 7, 2018

Part of intuition is being empathetic or aware of another’s feelings and emotions. Empathetic intuition is subtle; a lightning quick observation of body language, words spoken, words left unsaid, tiny little fidgets or movements that get picked up as patterns or associations by the subconscious.  The subconscious collects these...

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Fractal Awakening: Meditation

Mar 5, 2018

I believe that one of the best benefits of meditation is that it creates a strong sence of connectivity that, comes with regular practice. When you silently sit in this space turning off your mind, disconecting from your body, your physicality and just becoming connected to that small still voice of the Universe, it becomes simpler to notice...

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Fractal Spiruality

Mar 2, 2018

The universe is fractalic, or rather another way of saying it is limitless and infinite in nature. Everything in the Universe is created of energy. That energy is understood best, studied scientifcally, through mathematics. I am not math minded, but love numbers and patterns, am fascninated by fractals, and feel the power of their energy deep...

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How to develop your intuition -- Book Teaser

Feb 27, 2018

COMING SOON! my latest project -- a new oracle card deck, Fractal Awakening! This special and unique deck came to me, as most of my creative endeavors and projects do, as a calling from spirit that won’t let me go until I explore or work with it. I found myself dreaming of a project that combined all of my loves. My gift and love of...

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This is Fractalicious® Digital Artistry!

Feb 26, 2018

Welcome to my blog! My name is Kimberly Rae Hansen, the owner of the licenced trademark brand, Fractalicious®, professional digital fractal artist and author. I am also a wife, mother of one (well three if you count the two dogs!) a spinal cord injury survivor, reikii master, empath, and life-long student of all things spiritual and...

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